Your home needs some polishing?

Apr 12, 2018News & Updates0 comments

There are so many creative ways to brighten up the appearance of your home. Sometimes it’s a paint job, a new door, some added plants, or other features. Once these features are applied, it enhances the appearance, but it might still have a dirty or messy look on the brick. On the images below, a homeowner needed a special touch after their home’s siding was painted. Our technicians at Affordable Pressure Wash Solutions were able to execute a softwash on the brick to clean the paint, but also brighten up the brick. You can see the amazing results of our softwash method on the images below. If this is something that your home is in need of, please feel free to reach us at 301-495-WASH (9274)! Our representatives will be eager to answer any questions and/or concerns that you may have. Call us TODAY!



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