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Deck Restoration

No stain lasts forever. In time the elements, sun, rain, freeze-thaw can take a toll on your decking surrenders to the inevitable.

Roof Cleaning

We have a proven method of not only removing those ugly black streaks ruining your house’s curb appeal but also for killing the algae, lichen and mold that is attacking your roof.

House Washing

There have been huge changes in the technology of house washing in the last decade. We now use a soft washing method for house washing., protecting your home from harsh pressure.

Construction Cleaning

Many clean up companies charge an extensive rate to clean up a construction site. However, at Affordable SoftWash Solutions, our prices are always competitive for your needs.

Carpet Cleaning

With our proven carpet cleaning solutions, you will enjoy fully cleaned carpeting that is restored to its natural and vibrant condition.

Driveway, Pool Decks & Patios

Transform that stained and discoloured outdoor space into a beautiful area that’s clean and ready to enjoy tomorrow.

Gutter Cleaning

Clogged gutters can cause rainwater to overflow and run down the fascia, behind the siding and into the attic causing water damage.

Electrostatic Sanitation

Electrostatic Sanitizing is spraying over multiple surfaces and objects in your home with hospital grade disinfectant to kill germ and contaminated areas.

Has Your Car Lost It's Shine?
Don’t Worry, We Can Help With That!


Fast Shine provides a variety of auto cleaning services for both your interior and exterior surfaces. We partner directly with Meguiar's to provide excellent quality auto detailing. From standard cleaning to full auto detailing, there's a package right for you!

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