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Driveways, Pool Decks & Patios

Patio and pool deck cleaning and sealing from Affordable SoftWash Solutions is the best way to get your patio or pool deck sparkling, whatever the season. Transform that stained and discolored outdoor space into a beautiful area that’s clean and ready to enjoy tomorrow. Our 30% solid, clear, solvent based sealer will protect your driveway, patio or pool deck from the damaging freeze/thaw cycles that cause cracking and spalling in concrete.


Depending on the condition of your paver, we will determine which method of cleaning to use. A well-jointed paver deck would be cleaned using our surface cleaner, rinsed, then sprayed with a water/chlorine mix (known as mildicide). This will prohibit rapid regrowth of algae and weeds between the pavers which tend to adversely affect the life of the paver system.

Paver decks with open joints would be rinsed then treated with a water/chlorine mix (known as mildicide). The goal is to clean the pavers and minimize the loss of sand from between the pavers.

Once cleaned, we apply two coats of “Paver Saver”, a specially blended sealer made just for interlocking paver systems.


A revolutionary new product from Renew-Crete that can completely restore your tired, old existing stamped patio or driveway to a pristine condition.

Affordable SoftWash Solutions is the only certified installer in Maryland using this system, give us a call now to give your patio or driveway a completely new and exciting look.

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