Wood Details on a Deck

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The details of a wood deck come in various forms. Some customers have noticeable nails and screws that were used to assemble the deck and over time, these nails and screws have rusted. Unfortunately, these rusts are noticeable on the wood and can be unattractive. These rusts do not completely come out, but there are sealing options available to minimize the visibility of these nails and screws. On the other hand, the wood may also have knots which can at times be mistaken for rusts of screws and nails. We have some customers that prefer to see the details of the wood, such as the knots, but others prefer to have a unified color throughout the deck. The images above demonstrate the results of a deck being washed and how the knots are exemplified throughout the deck. If you prefer to hide these wood details, we do offer sealing services. If you are interested in our Softwash services or sealing services, just give us a call and we will be sure to assist you!




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