White Subtance On Your Roof?

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Moss, lichen, algae, and other elements may be present on your roof. Since Maryland is known for their humidity, homeowners can take preventable measures to prevent and diminish these substances (whether they’re white, black, green, etc.).

Below we have provided eco-friendly options to consider:

  • Trimming overhanging tree branches can reduce the shade that might be keeping the surface of the roof damp enough to support the growth of algae, moss, and lichen.
  • Installing strips of zinc (or copper) just below each side of the roof’s ridge, then a strip every 10-12 feet parallel to the ridge, can be a perpetual preventative self-treatment.
  • If re-roofing is necessary, several composition shingle manufacturers are producing algae resistant shingles that contain copper granules, so keep an eye out for them.

Cleaning, treatment and maintenance should only be performed on roofs by professionals with the right equipment. The consistency of these roofs can be slimy and very slippery. Not only do you place your roof at risk due to lack of training and experience, but you also place yourself at risk. Choosing the RIGHT company can be difficult, but you have to compare year of experience, customer satisfaction, and high-profile training. At Affordable Pressure Wash Solutions, we take pride in our company’s name. We are able to encompass all the elements of an effective and efficient company while placing the necessities of our customers FIRST!



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