What’s on your roof’s surface?

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Many times you may see green, black, or white streaks on your roof’s surface, but have you ever wondered how those elements developed? Algae and other types of build-up often form on the north and west parts of the roofs that are shaded or receive less sun, and can reduce a roof’s life expectancy. The presence of soot, dirt, or biomass can affect how much sunlight is absorbed by a roof and thus the amount of heat a building absorbs. You do not need to panic; there are solutions for this! Roof cleaning is the process to remove algae, mold, mildew, lichen and moss from roofs. Roof cleaning can also extend the duration of a roof’s ability to function. Affordable pressure Wash Solutions has over 30 years of experience in roof cleaning. Our technicians are fully trained in our softwash method in order to take a more cautionary approach when cleaning and sanitizing your roof. Browse through our site to see our work and request an estimate. You may also give us a call and one of our representatives will be more than happy to help you!

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301-495-WASH (9274)

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