What does a roof wash consist of?

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At Affordable Pressure Wash Solutions, we currently only use the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) approved method of a sprayed solution consisting of Sodium Hypochlorite, proprietary fungicide and other environmentally friendly ingredients. The solution is contained and controlled to protect the homeowner’s property at all times during the process. This is done with collection bags at the downspouts, fine control nozzles, and a ground man watering or flushing any majorly contaminated areas. We do not pressure wash the roof or use a pressure washer for any part of the roof cleaning process. All black streaks (algae) will be invisible at the time we leave. If you have moss or lichen and want it removed we can scrape it off, but it is not recommended as it pulls granules off the shingles with the roots. We recommend that moss and lichen be left to break at the root level after it is treated. Any moss left behind will be dead and will fall off in about three months. Moss is any large fluffy clumps that may be growing, just like moss around a tree. We do not rinse the solution off as this is dangerous to the yard when the solution is still active, and the longer it is left on the roof the more effective it is, as a preventive measure against future growth. Not rinsing saves time and money for the homeowner as well as saves water in the process. Once the solution becomes inactive it is simply salt left behind.

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