We use Sherwin Williams SuperDeck!

Jun 16, 2021News & Updates1 comment

Excited to seal your deck? Over time, decks can become dull, dirty, and even full of mildew and algae. However, sealing/staining can revive your deck, but it can also protect it! Affordable Pressure Was Solutions is proud to use Sherwin Williams SuperDeck to revive and protect our homeowner’s decks, fences, and other exterior, wooded structures. Sherwin Williams Super Deck protect your deck from UV rays and water damage, which essentially lead to algae and mildew buildup.

This seal is a water – based & semi – transparent and some previously sealed wooded structures may not be compatible. For this reason, our representatives ask for the history of your wooded structures. Currently we provide the following colors: Honey, Red cedar and Natural (Clear). If you desire a different color, you may provide us with a sealant of your choice and our technicians will apply it as well at an hourly rate. Our attention to detail and flexibility is what helps us to meet our customer’s satisfaction!

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