We did it again!

Aug 28, 2018News & Updates0 comments

Another transformation down thanks to Affordable Pressure Wash Solutions!

This beautiful home had unsightly black streaks on it’s roof, but once our technicians at Affordable Pressure Wash Solutions were done with it, black streaks became a thing of the past!

All it needed to be restored back to its fully glory was a good ol’ SoftWash! When in contact with high growth mold, fungi and lichen strains, the SoftWash oxidation process kills the Gloeocapsa Magma and other mold spores. Combine that with our methodical low pressure rinse and voila! No more black streaks.

Looks good doesn’t it?

Take a look at your roof. If your roof is in need of a transformation, call us today to discuss your options. Affordable Pressure Wash Solutions offers SoftWashing on all roofing substrates, including asphalt shingles, roof tiles, metal roofing, cedar shakes, and more. 

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