Staining or Sealing?

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As part of our deck restoration services, we also offer the option to seal/stain your deck to prolong that bright after wash look. What is the difference between sealing and staining you may ask? We tend to use the terms “seal” and “stain” interchangeably as the sealant we use does carry a semi-transparent tint giving your deck a rich color while also protecting it from UV rays and harsh weather elements.

Not only do we wash & seal wooden decks, we also wash & seal wooden siding! Cedar siding offers a warm and natural feel to your home. However, as beautiful as it looks, it can quickly turn grey if left untreated. Clear stain does seal the wood from cracking and rotting, but it won’t prevent it from turning grey. A Semi-transparent stain to solid stain come in many colors giving your home a fresh painted look that is easily maintained. Sealant on siding tends to last longer as your siding won’t be getting foot traffic.

Gives us a call and we’ll be glad to give you quote in addition to the wash.



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