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Is your home located near a wooded neighborhood? Have you noticed that the exterior of your home and structures tend to be covered by algae, moss, or other natural elements? It is common for homes near greenery to experience this, which is why our customers prefer to seal their decks. Here are the top reasons to seal your deck:

  • Protects from sun. Extended UV damage will break down cell structure causing wavy ridged surfaces, often times leading to large cracks and splinters.

  • Hinders mold growth. It’s slick, dangerous and your timber can’t breathe so it can’t dry.

  • Keeps out moisture. Moisture will eventually cause rot but before it does water will wash away natural resins and color in your wood.

  • Appearance. A clean and stained deck is much more welcoming than a neglected one.

Affordable Pressure Wash Solutions prides itself in the quality of work they perform when sealing decks. First, the technicians pressure wash the deck to clean and sanitize the area. Afterwards, a three-man crew seals the deck with the customer’s prefered color. The deck must be completely dry prior to sealing the deck, which is why there is close monitoring of the weather.

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