SEAL That Look!

Oct 23, 2017News & Updates0 comments

Having a clean and restored deck is always valuable to the home. However, we tend to want a new look for our home. As the holidays are close approaching, maybe you are looking for a different appearance that will astound your family and friends, but most importantly, it will astound YOU! First of all, you do not need to spend all your savings in order to elevate the appearance of your home. Second, the outdoor deck tends to be where you host most of your guests for any outdoor event, so this is our starting point. Affordable Pressure Wash Solutions offer deck sealing services that gives your deck a new color while extending its protection. It is important to book an appointment to clean and restore your deck, prior to sealing. Affordable Pressure Wash Solutions prides itself in sending a three-man seal crew to make sure your home and landscaping is completely protected.  We only use electronic state of the art deck sprayers that saturates the wood with an even, uniform application sealer.  You will never see us sealing/protecting a deck with a pump sprayer! If you are ready for a change then call us NOW!


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