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There are many benefits to roof washing, like the appearance of a new roof since most of the algae and mold has been cleared off. These benefits are what drive our customers to reach out to us, but there is another quality that separates us from our competitors…our safety! Affordable Pressure Wash Solutions strives for quality service and care of your home, but most importantly, the safety of your home and our technicians. All of our technicians participate in pressure washing training AND safety training on a routinely basis. Our technicians also participate in additional training for roof washing and our protocol includes the usage of helmets, harnesses, fall-protection ropes, and water-resistant boots. As you can see the images below, our technician is anchored to the roof, which is attached to his harness to prevent a fall. Our customers value our safety measures and it gives them a sigh of relief.

For roof wash estimates, one of our estimators has to check it on site, but it does not require the homeowner to be home. After the estimator has taken a couple of pictures, one of our representatives will be able to provide an estimate via phone or email. Give us a call TODAY to inquire more information and a free estimate.

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301-495-WASH (9274)

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