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Many of our customers ask, “is a regular power wash enough to clean my brick pavers?” In truth, some homeowners think that a deep paver cleaning involves only a regular pressure wash. In fact, pressure washing without properly treating the mildew and algae growing on the surface of your pavers first can actually be destructive to the surface and erode the sand in between the joints over time.

Here at Affordable Pressure Washing Solutions, we understand the needs of your home. Our goal is to effectively clean your pavers, all the while minimizing the loss of sand from between them. Our team of experienced technicians know what it takes to protect your investment. To begin, we properly prepare your pavers for a deep clean by removing debris, mud, algae, mold, and mildew from the surface. We then wash your pavers at a pressure that won’t cause damage. Once cleaned, we apply two coats of “Paver Saver”, a specially blended sealer made for interlocking paver systems.

Nothing makes us more happy than our satisfied customers. By the end of your wash, you can be confident that the end result will be a consistent, uniform wash, without streaking or damage. 

Transform that stained and discoloured outdoor space into a beautiful area you can enjoy. Give us a call or browse our website to learn more about our many services!

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