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When it comes to choosing the best company, there are many qualities you need to take into consideration. The following are the top 5 that should be considered when choosing the best pressure washing company.

  • REPUTATION– Knowing how long the company has been in business for can be useful. This can give you background knowledge of their service and the reasons why they are still in business. It is important to check and see what previous customers have said to make a reasonable decision on which company to chose.
  • SERVICESSome companies have a long list of services being offered while others have a very short list. It is important that you choose a company that can accommodate the needs of your home and/or business. Having to book different companies for similar jobs can be overwhelming, so choose a company that offer the services that best fit you!
  • PRICE This is always tricky, which is why is important to do the research. Expensive does not necessarily translate to best quality and cheap does not necessarily translate to horrible quality. Affordable prices are the key word to paying for a service that is of that valued price. You should not be expected to be overcharged for great quality.
  • FLEXIBILITY, EXPERIENCE, & MACHINERYTimes are changing, so you should expect companies to adjust to the new era. With that being said, it is important that the company you choose has the latest machinery and technology for great quality work. You also want them to accommodate your schedule and you should not feel stressed about fitting yourself into their schedule. Flexibility is crucial and you should feel like you have options. Also, their experience should reflect on their work and customer service feedback.
  • RESPECTAn exceptional company will respect you and your home! From the time you call in to inquire for information until they leave your home, the respect towards the customer should be the #1 priority. You should not have to worry about whether the technicians will be on time or not, if they will leave your home dirty or clean, etc. If there is respect, then there is trust.

These 5 qualities are the reasons why Affordable Pressure Wash Solutions has been servicing the D.C., Maryland, & Virginia (DMV) area for nearly 30 years! Check out our site and see what our satisfied customers had said about us. When you are ready to book your pressure washing service with us, you can call us at 301-495-WASH(9274).


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