Play Sets Need Attention?

Feb 14, 2019News & Updates0 comments

Wooden play sets are a classic American backyard staple. Nothing gets your young ones excited like storming a wooden castle or fending off imaginary pirates as they cruise the seas of your backyard! However, with wood construction, special attention needs to be paid to the wood itself. Over time, if not properly treated, the wood that makes up your play set can crack and splinter as the elements batter it. Carefree (and youthfully careless) children are at risk of catching splinters from cracked timbers and other dangers, like taking a tumble after slipping on algae-slick wood. That’s where Affordable Pressure Wash Solutions can help. With our restorative softwash method, we can have your play set looking fresh and free of trouble causing plant growth! A proper seal will also work wonders in preserving the wood services that your children run their sensitive skin over time and time again. Your child’s enjoyment should never come at the expense of your child’s well being.

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