Outdoor Wood Sheds

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Outdoor sheds should look as beautiful as the home!


An outdoor wood shed serves many purposes for a household, like safekeeping gardening and yard tools and machinery. Outdoor wood sheds can also be prone to various catastrophes (mildew, mold, algae, and/or deterioration) that can be inflicted by the weather, animals, and other outdoor elements. If your wood shed is not protected by these catastrophes, then your safekeeping items inside the shed can also suffer damage. For these reasons, it is important to conduct a SoftWash to your outdoor shed. Even if a wood shed has suffered from these catastrophes, our skilled technicians will effectively and carefully take the necessary steps to restore your shed.

We have a 3-step method to ensure the best quality of wood restoration. We begin with applying a deck restoration solution, then we rinse with a low-pressure spray, and finish by applying a wood brightener. Once the 3-step method is complete, we return to the home to apply the seal.

Also, we offer roof cleaning services on your outdoor wood shed. Our roof cleaning methods will remove black streaks, but also kill the algae, lichen, and mold that is killing your roof. The roof cleaning service is not mandatory with a wood outdoor shed service, but it is highly recommended. As you can see on the image below, this customer decided not to do a roof cleaning service.

We are very tedious with our methods because they guarantee the best results!

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