Not All Roofs Are Treated Equal

Oct 13, 2017News & Updates0 comments

Knowing the type of roof your home has can come in handy. Most homes in the area have a traditional gable roof, but other common roofs are gambrel, mansard, hip, and shed. There is also a difference in the type of roof because of its steepness. This is all important information to know because many companies might not have much experience on steep-style roofs. Also, many companies may be hesitant to cleaning steep-style roofs because of the dangers. Going with just any company may put your home at risk for errors and quality of service. Fortunately, Affordable Pressure Wash Solutions ensures that their technicians are properly trained on the usage of harnesses and ropes so our technicians are safe and your home is secured. We also have over 29 years of experience in ALL types of roofs and we make sure that our customers are highly satisfied with our services. Call us to inquire more information about roof cleaning and ask about our free estimates!



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