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Risks of Pressure Washing Your Home’s Siding by Non-Professionals

  1. High Pressure. Many commercial pressure washers that people would rent over the weekend can blast water up to 3300 psi. That means that water can very easily get through the material of your building beneath the siding – even concrete!
  2. Potential Damage to Home. Pressure washing can damage windows, and a trained professional knows how to clean the vinyl siding near windows without damaging them. It is important to carefully clean around any delicate materials like doors, windows, planters, and other features, to keep your home in one piece.
  3. Risk of Paint Removal. Pressure washers can even remove paint, but if this was not your goal then you will have an unsatisfactory surprise. If you were just wanting a good deep house cleaning, paint removal probably wasn’t what you expected to see. And if the building is much older, and might had been painted with a lead paint, removing it or loosening with a pressure washer could create an unhealthy environment.

For these various reasons, it is not recommended that you pressure wash your own home. Also, if you decide to hire a company, you must do your research first. Find a company that has trained and experienced technicians. You also want a company that uses Eco-friendly solutions and highly-effective machinery. Finally, hire a company that has friendly and educated administrative agents that will walk you through everything you need to know about pressure washing and how to get started. These are qualities that we take pride here at Affordable Pressure Wash Solutions. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and how we can best serve your home!

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