It may not be too late to save your roof!

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Save your roof!  Replacing your roof is a costly endeavor in the first place. So, if you spend thousands of dollars on having your roof replaced, then you would certainly want to keep it clean and preserve its worth for decades to come.

Many of the stains on roofs aren’t even dirt – they are algae, mold, mildew and bacteria that have embedded themselves into the cracks and crevices of each shingle. Mold, mildew, algae, fungus, bacteria, viruses, germs, mosses, lichens, insects, and organic soiling cannot simply be sprayed away. They need to be treated and broken down, not merely “blown away” by pressure so they aren’t visible. Soft washing uses a shingle-safe solution to attack the fungus and bacteria that are multiplying and taking residence on your roof rather than using high pressure to spray them off. The solution breaks down these microbes on contact with no scrubbing necessary, but are not harmful to the shingle itself.

At Affordable Pressure Wash Solutions, we offer a safe and affordable way of maintaining the longevity and value of your roof.  A good, professional roof cleaning every few years may make a substantial difference in your pocketbook in years to come. Browse through our site and set your appointment!

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301-495-WASH (9274)

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