Is your home crying?

Feb 18, 2019News & Updates0 comments

Have you ever noticed white, chalky looking stains on the outside of your home’s masonry? Chances are, you are seeing what is called efflorescence. Efflorescence occurs when water ends up finding its way into material that makes up your masonry. When that water heats up, as the sun warms your bricks in the morning for instance, it wants to evaporate, taking the path of least resistance out of your brick or stone. Along the way, the water will dissolve and “pick up” the natural salt compounds in the brick or stone and carry them out to the surface. Your masonry is more porous than you think! That chalky white substance is simply deposited salt, and the good news is that it is generally a cosmetic concern, and not a structural one.

If your house is “crying” salty tears, why not cheer it up with our softwashing services! Affordable Pressure Wash Solutions has served many homes with these concerns and we are more than happy to serve you as well! Give us a call and one of our representatives will be happy to assist!

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301-495-WASH (9274)

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