Do you want a transformation for your deck?

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Living in the DMV area has its advantages, like touristic attractions, close to the capital, and a diverse population. Residents of the DMV area can also take advantage of experiencing all four seasons, but this may impact the exterior of the home. All parts of a home exterior are under constant pressure from the environment, and decks are no exception. Some of the newer constructed homes do have decks that are made from expensive or even exotic woods that have natural weather resistance. Unfortunately, not all homes have this guarantee and it can also be very expensive to build a deck with this type of wood. Most wooden decks do require maintenance in order to preserve its life expectancy. At Affordable Pressure Wash Solutions, we offer a softwash method that washes your deck using a low-pressure method and an Eco-friendly solution, which allows the solution to do most of the work. This also diminishes the probability of your wood being mistreated, which is common when using a high-pressure method. We also offer sealing services that protects your wooden deck from the natural elements. Call us today to learn about our different services!


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