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After a long and cold winter, we can finally enjoy the warm and sunny weather the outdoors has to offer. You are probably longing to be outdoors, but your deck is not the appealing place where you wish to be at. Sometimes all it takes is a deck washing with a softwash method to bring new lighting outside your home. A deck wash with Affordable Pressure Washing Solutions ensures an efficient and hassle free procedure. From the picture above, you can easily see the difference a deck wash can make when performed by Affordable Pressure Washing Solutions. All we need from you is a phone call and some measurements.

Having the square footage of your deck will allow us to have a rough estimate of how much a deck wash will be. Even deck dimensions (length and width) can come in handy to process your request in a timely manner.  Once we have given you an estimate of a deck wash, then we can proceed to schedule you in. Please be advised that our phone estimates are ROUGH and once our technicians arrive to your home, they will take their own measurements to either confirm or adjust the pricing accordingly. 

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