Deck Restoration

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Affordable Pressure Washing Solutions uses a three step method to safely and professionally restore every deck we’ve done in the last thirty years.

1st step – We use an airless sprayer to apply our deck restoration chemical “Renew” onto all surfaces of the deck.  It’s given time to dwell and work its way into the grain of the wood before a light brushing is applied to further loosen stubborn contaminants.

2nd step – We then wash the deck with low pressure, no more than 800 to 1000 PSI.  Our competition uses anywhere from 3000 to 5000 PSI which will raise the grain of the wood, causing splintering and greatly shorten the life of the deck.

3rd step – Then for the sealer and how it is applied, every job is different. The seal crew is dispatched once the deck is completely dry, which is why the seals are weather permitted.   Affordable Pressure Wash Solutions prides itself in sending put three-man seal crews to make sure your home and landscaping is completely protected. Some decks may require sanding, especially if solid paint was previously used. We currently use Thompson’s water-based semi transparent sealants.

If you are ready to restore your deck, then give us a call or request a quote online! Just have your deck dimensions ready and one of our representatives will be more than happy to help!

301-495-WASH (9274)



301-495-WASH (9274)

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