Brick Patios

May 14, 2020News & Updates0 comments

There are several types of patios, such as concrete, flagstone, tile, brick, stone, etc. Patios need to be cleaned more regularly because of dirt build up and their proximity to foliage. However, not every company is an expert when washing the surface of patios. Fortunately, Affordable Pressure Wash Solutions has over 30 years of experience washing different types of patio surfaces. At Affordable, we believe in our softwash method because the solution does most of the work and only low psi is needed to clean the surfaces. Competitors tend to use high psi when power washing, which tends to damage the surface. In these images, you can see the solution on the brick patio and the results once rinsed off with low pressure. Our softwash method is also recommended for roofs, siding, decks, fences, and other exterior surfaces!

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