Acorn Brown Sealant

May 7, 2020News & Updates0 comments

Sometimes a pop of color is all a deck needs to bring out its beauty! Affordable Pressure Wash Solutions currently uses Thompson’s water-based semi transparent sealants for exterior wood surfaces. You can see the images below of our customer that opted for the Acorn Brown color. Their deck is surrounded by foliage, which tends to need additional care in order to minimize dirt, algae, & mold build up. Exterior surfaces that are closely surrounded by foliage need to be cleaned more often, but a sealant adds an extra protection layer against UV rays, mold, algae, & other nature-related elements. When your deck is sealed, it minimizes the amount of times you need to pressure wash it. In addition, the sealant allows you to add a touch of color, but you can always opt for a clear sealant if you prefer your deck’s natural wood color.

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